Mangoes (magic tropical fruit that taste great in juice) Pork (the oldest of all meats) Fruits Bob the Tomato Bananas (The allies of apples here to save the universe from kale and soil foods) Oranges (The enemy of apples and the death of purples) Pinapples (the alternate versions of apples here to murder all the cantalopes) Apple (magic fruit that heals you from poisonous carrots) Cantelope (enemies of all pineapples) Ugli (the evil fruit that works with broccoli) Fruit Warriors Apple (magic fruit that heals you from poisonous carrots) Bob the Tomato Grapefruit (the older cousin of the ugli fruit and the fruit warriors strongest soldier) Grapes (the minions of the grapefruits and the protector of the weston artifact) Oran berry (the fake version of an orange in the pokemon world) Cherries (the most dangerous fruit of all) Durian (pointy fruit of death) Foods that make your teeth go grey Soil Foods The weston artifact (magical artifact of power and stuff...) The Bailey Artifact (the other magical artifact of power and stuff...) Apples to apples (game tht the fruits play a lot) Garlic Nectarine (the revival of the purple fruit) Tangerine (the fruit of the future) Memes Jimbles Notronbo Malleo fruit Weegeefruit Harambe (the gorilla's dead cousin) Community Recent blog posts Forum

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