Adolf Hitler is the comical relief for the fruits. He tells jokes, pulls pranks, and pokes fun at Jace. But he also has extreme anger issues. He has a tendency to lash out at Larry the Cucumber and Steve Brule, because they once pulled a prank on him that they took a little bit too far. He once got so angry with Steve Brule, that he got a sledgehammer and smashed Steve's Marth amiibo. Now they are mortal enemies.

Hitler especially does not like it when he loses a game of Flappy Bird, and this is because there is a pile of broken cellphones in the corner (with one being a Motorola Razr) laying next to an axe. He has also been kicked out of Fruit's Club of Club-ness, because he once thought it would be funny to fart during debate. Hitler is good friends with some people though, and those people are Donald Trump, Homer Simpson, Toy David, and surprisingly himself. Hitler got so angry once over one of his videos he uploaded to FruitTube being blocked in some countries, that he went over to the peoples headquarters that blocked the video and said: "AHGSJAGHSOITJPSOY!" and then the whole universe blew up (not really). Hitler is 2 and a half years old.

Gallery Edit

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