Bob (Classic on 2004)

You didn't need to sleep tonight did you?

Bob the Tomato (or Bob the Termater as his friends call it) is a fruit that claims he is a veggie but isn't. He is in his own retarted little show called Veggietales. He hangs out with a retarted cucumber name Larry (or Scary Larry as some people call it) and is always talking about random crap that vegetables (or in this case, a fruit that has gone to the dark side) aren't supposed to talk about. He drugged Larry along with himself, which is why they are always going on random retarted fantasies and why Larry thinks he is a "superhero". He also does not understand the concept about what the difference is between inanimate objects and living things because he frequently talks to a computer (probably running Windows '93) named Qwerty (yeah, real creative Big Idea studios). He is now in an even more crappy spinoff called Veggietales: In the house, which is only featured on Netflix (for those of you on the dark side) and Fruitflix.

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