Hello people its me your friendly neighborhood spiderman (not really). I heard that on a tv camercial (man I can't spell). But if you haven't guessed yet this is the wiki rules.

  1. Now this is obvious but no words worse than what you will find in the bob the tomato article. Meaning anything worse than "retarded" or "crap" is not allowed and will lead to an immediate ban. Think of the children!
  2. Try to keep this wiki like its supposed to be: completely random. If you want a wiki seriously about fruit and not some nonexistent war then go on fruit wiki. This is Thefruit wiki the word "The" makes it not serious..
  3. Stay close to mommy.
  4. No editing articles just for badges. Its rude, unfair and um... annoying. If the article needs fixing then by all means fix it.
  5. Dont leve crittisizing coments. (especally abot speling. il ficx it if it relle boters me)
  6. No eating mochi. THIS MEANS YOU JEFFREY!
  7. Don't add people to admins just because they are your friends or because of a bet or something like that.
  8. DO NOT change my pictures for badges only change them if they don't have pictures yet...
  9. Please do not make comments that are irrelevant to the articles. For example, comments such as: "Just a random comment passin' by" is considered spam and will be deleted.
  10. If you want to be added to a specific group then ask me or Poopeegee9
  11. Don't go on the Monster House Wiki. There is a crack house over there...
  12. Don't poop on the floor.
  13. From now on if you want to be an admin you have to graduate from wikia university (its not even called that anymore)
  14. You must be able to fly like a gecko.....
  15. No deleting any pages (even the failiures)
  16. The mochi rule doesn't apply for metroiddoincake because mochi
  17. Do not be an annoyance.
  18. Jeffrey i swear to God do not eat that mochi
  19. no major edits without consulting metroiddoincake

All violators of the rules will be shot! Survivors will be shot again. Double survivors will be sent to North Korea.

And I guess that's all for now. Don't be a vegetable or a fruit that joined the vegetables I guess?....Oh and then theres the meats.....This hurts my head..........

(NOTE: Numbers 12, 6, ,14, 16, and 3 are a joke. Yes I intentionally left out number 11.)

stop writing 17 and 18 as a joke,jacob..i swear kids these days...

*british accent* NEVER!