The Lame and Watch

The Crappy Compooter, or the Crappycom (exclusive to Vegetopia).

The Chintendo Boring System, or CBS (not to be confused with that TV channel that everyone watches these days).

The Lame Boy

The Pooper Crappycom

The Pooper Chintendo Entertainment System, or PCES.

The Chintendo 0.64

The Lameboy Duller

The Gamesphere

The Lameboy Un-advanced

The Chintendo Wee Ess

The Chintendo Wee Ess Eye

The Wee

The Wee-Poo

The Chintendo Tree Wee Ess

The dumb not cool at all, Old Tree Wee Ess

The brand new Chintendo Snitch

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