833T SP34k (W1ERD W4Y 0F TYP1N9 TH4T 4NN0YS J4C08)Adolf Hitler (the comic relief for the fruits)Antagonizing apple (the purple fruits equivalent of a great debut)
Apple (magic fruit that heals you from poisonous carrots)Apples to apples (game tht the fruits play a lot)Apricot (Second in command to plums)
Aspear berries (weird fruit of yellow)Attak on tintinAvocado (the frogs of fruits/vegetables)
Bacon (extremely popular meat)Bananas (The allies of apples here to save the universe from kale and soil foods)Blueberries (majic flying blue fruit)
Bob the TomatoBreadfruit (weird fruit that likes kids bop)Brisket (the forgotten hero of the meats)
Brussel sprouts (Im almost certain i misspelled the title)Cantelope (enemies of all pineapples)Carambola (weird named fruit and weird shaped fruit)
Carrots (the true enemy!!!!!!!)Cheri berries (clones of the dreaded cherries)Cherries (the most dangerous fruit of all)
Cherubi ( the pokemon that is a fruit!!!!!!!!!!!!!)ChintendoChintendo Gamesphere
Chintendo headquarters (where chintendo is found)Collard greens (the grossest food of all)Cranberry (the food of food...)
Creation RulesCucumbers (the magic vegetable that controls the headquarters of veggies)Day Gum (the weapon used by Garlic)
Durian (pointy fruit of death)Fig (It's a fig!)FruitTube (the website all fruit go on)
Fruit Blender (evil device used by vegetables to murder fruit)Fruit Ninja (released game made for vegetables)Fruit cups (the death of many fruit and the life of other vegetables)
Fruit islandFruitemon cards (the successor to the fruitemon game)Fruitopia (a fruit drink made in the town of fruitopia)
FruityStories (a veggietales ripoff)GarlicGnomestuck(web series thats very popular)
Graaloween (the spooky holiday on an online game)Grapefruit (the older cousin of the ugli fruit and the fruit warriors strongest soldier)Grapes (the minions of the grapefruits and the protector of the weston artifact)
Guava (emmotionally unstable fruit)Harambe (the gorilla's dead cousin)Hey
How to summon the Fruit GodJace (poopeegee9's evil clone)Jimbles Notronbo
Kale (disgusting food that taste like gross stuff...)Kingdom of foods (where the war takes place)Kiwi (the fruit that is spelled iwik backwards)
Larry the cucumber (bob the tomato's sidekick)LettuceList of consoles made by Chintendo
Lychee (the sidekick of the Rambutans)Malleo fruitMangoes (magic tropical fruit that taste great in juice) (the technology that makes piepods)Moosieman (the rude guy who broke my dirt house...)Nectarine (the revival of the purple fruit)
Oran berry (the fake version of an orange in the pokemon world)Oranges (The enemy of apples and the death of purples)Page 100 (yay)
Papayas (the fruit with an amazingly confusing name)Peaches (refered to as the "butt fruit")Pear (the enemies of all fruit and vegetables)
Pecha berries (fallen pink fruit)Pickles (the radioactive cousin of cucumbers)Pinapples (the alternate versions of apples here to murder all the cantalopes)
PineapplesPitaya (the new pineapplePlum (sweet fruit thats very sweet)
Pomegranates (the defenders of the town of fruitville)Pork (the oldest of all meats)Pun pieces (agnam and enima written by the fruit)
Purple fruit (its here!!!!)Rambutan(the weirdly sounding fruit of death)Raspberries (mini fruit that attacks in hoards)
Redcurrant (the fruit who always wanted to be different)STOOP (unreleased um....pega mennesus game in the year 1929233453875)Soil Foods
Strawberries (weird tasting red fruit)Tangerine (the fruit of the future)The Bailey Artifact (the other magical artifact of power and stuff...)
The GorillaThe Silver DonkeyThe breadless hoarse man
The frappeThe fruit and vegetable warThe great fruit
The lame and watch (the not super lame game system from chintendo)The weston artifact (magical artifact of power and stuff...)Thefruit Wikia
Tomatoes....???(i think)Ugli (the evil fruit that works with broccoli)Watermelons (weapons used as explosives during the war)
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