once there was a game called "STOOP" for the pega mennesus. the game was how do i say it? was meant to be a muzzle game where you have to muzzle the dogs and not sit on the stoop and step in dog poop. there are 38548689689646389734 worlds and 2 bosses. the bosses are named kenny the shark and jim. the game was taken off the shelves due to being too similar to "Tonic". The game's slogan thingie is not to be the one who sits on the stoop but gotta go maderately slow.the creators are named tums opereserdense, keigiees sassafraz, and someone who i forgot the name of. the game is also holding great reviews like :私はそれはバターではありません信じることができません and:Ин даҳшатнок аст,

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