Bloody orange

One of the bloody fruits.

There was a Frankie's Fun Park where supposedly, every night, a bloody fruit fell down the stairs. At least that's what people said. So nobody would stay there overnight. Then, Billy Bailey offered two hundred gazillion dollars to whoever would do it. And Matthew Moy said he would try if he could have his pet Oran Berry with him. So it was all settled. The very next night Matthew went to the house with his Oran Berry. To make it more cheerful, he started a fire on the stairs. Then he sat in front of the fire and waited, and his Oran Berry waited with him.

For a while, nothing happened. But a little after midnight he heard someone singing softly off in candy cane lane. The singing sounded something like this: "You knot fruit-ty runner..."

"It's just somebody singing," Matthew told himself, but he was frightened.

Then his Oran Berry answered the song! Loudly and obnoxiously, it sang: "Lynchee kinchy, retard pee-tard, dongo dongo...." Matthew could not believe his ears, His Oran Berry had never uttered a word before.

Then a few years later, he heard the singing again. Now it was closer, and more obnoxious, but the words were the same: "You knot fruit-ty runner..." This time Matthew tried to stop his Oran Berry from answering, he was afraid that whoever was singing would hear it and come for them.

But his Oran Berry paid no attention, and again it sang: "Lynchee kinchy, retard pee-tard dongo dongo..." A few centuries later Matthew heard the singing again. Now it was in the freezer, and the song was the same.


Again Matthew tried to keep his Oran Berry quiet. But the Oran Berry sang out louder then ever: "LYNCHEE KINCHY, RETARD PEE-TARD, DONGO DONGO!"

Soon Matthew heard the singing again. Now it was coming from that chuck e.cheeses down the road and obnoxiously yelled: "YOU KNOT FRUIT-TY RUNNER!"

The Oran Berry sang right back: "LYNCHEE KINCHY, RETARD PEE-TARD, DONGO DONGO!" Suddenly a bloody fruit fell down the stairs! It fell directly into the fire and caused Matthew Moy to wonder what the heck just happened.